About Paname Jungle


Paname is the hundred-year-old slang name for Paris, still widely used in today’s urban culture.

Far away from postcard clichés, Paname speaks about the true soul of this fascinating city where coexisting ideas, cultures and flavours continuously reinvent a perfect environment for dreamers and adventurous spirits.

Initial project

Camille Ménart created Paname Jungle in order to bring a little taste of her home city with her to Australia.

Having always had a soft spot for jewellery, she began to explore and select Parisian jewellery designers whose work beautifully depicts that colourful and cosmopolitan universe.

Giving sense

The initial project evolved as Camille was kick-starting the Melbourne community of MakeSense, a non for profit organisation that helps social businesses implement their initiatives.

Paname Jungle had to be compatible with these values and would then promote designers who stood out through their ethical standards and social initiatives. Whatever their location was.

Very special designers

Paname Jungle now promotes outstanding designers from various parts of the world.

Their inspirations often combine traditional African/European jewellery and contemporary designs, and their beautiful work is grounded in ethical and social practices.